What is an Endoscopy Ventriculostomy?

The Endoscopy Ventriculostomy procedure can be performed to inspect the brain. An Endoscopy Ventriculostomy procedure is a minimally invasive procedure which gives access to the deepest part of the brain using an instrument called an endoscope.

The Endoscopy Ventriculostomy

The endoscope is passed through the small hole into the brain. Sometimes it is necessary to create a small pathway through the brain with the endoscope to reach the problem. Using this technique, access to parts of the brain can be achieved with relative ease.

What are the risks of this procedure?

There are risks and complications involved with this procedure. They include but are not limited to – Infections, requiring antibiotics and further treatment. Minor pain, bruising and/or infection from IV cannula site. This may require treatment with antibiotics.

In rare cases, hormone dysfunction which can result in mood, sleep and appetite changes requiring treatment with hormones. This may be temporary or permanent. Meningitis may occur requiring further treatment and antibiotics. Vision can be affected by the surgery. This may be temporary or permanent. Heart attack due to the strain on the heart, which is quite rare.