Neck pain

Neck pain is a common condition that affects people in their middle to advanced ages. There are a number of causes and an assessment by a clinician may assist to establish the cause and direct treatment options.

Many patients may present to their doctor complaining of pain on the neck that is aggravated by certain positions. Also can complain of pain on the shoulder or pain that radiates between the shoulders or spreads down the arm into the finger tips. It tends to follow a particular pattern related to the level of problem in the neck in the cervical spine. Other patients may also complain of a feeling of pins and this may be accompanied by a feeling of numbness and poor grip function.

“We consult and treat children and adults with neurological conditions of the brain, skull and spine. Our consultations can be in or out-of hospital at the hospital.”

When referred to a neurosurgeon, the neurosurgeon will ask questions that will help her exclude other mimickers which vary from problems of vasculature to problems of the joints of the arm and the hands.

Once satisfied that the problem stems from the spine an X-ray and possibly an MRI is ordered. These tests further assist the neurosurgeon to crystalize the nature of the problem. Is it joints of the spine or a disc that has come out of place and is pressing nerves? Is there something else more sinister like a tumour?

Once a clear picture is established the neurosurgeon will, together with the patient find ways for the most sustainable relief of these symptoms.


In our practice we offer the full spectrum of treatment of neck problem from injections on the joints to open surgery for decompression of the nerves that are under pressure.

Dr. Mfundisi is an advocate for Minimally invasive surgery which benefits patients by resulting faster recovery period and shorter stays in hospital”